Monday, January 31, 2011

nothing to say..haha..

hye.. today is monday, 31st jan 2011.. the last day on this month.. todays weather is very chill.. i'm freezing in my room right now..haha.. i've heard that now is the time for the southern part of malaysia to feel the flood..huhu.. my brother just called me and said that its start to flood in some place in johore now.. its all because of raining for straight 3 days or more.. and on the middle of this week i've plan to go back to my hometown for the chinese new year holidays.. but how i want to go back if the weather is still like this.. going back on my bike? i'll completely wet like a wet mouse or in bahasa we can say "mandi"..haha.. if i want to go back by bus..hmm.. i dont really think there's any ticket left for me.. and that matter is still running over and over again inside my head.. but anyway, tomorrow is a new day in a new month, february.. the february also known as a lovers month throughout the world because of its 14th day named as the valentines day.. what i know about why they give that name to that day is because the name is taken from a priest named St. Valentines who has giving a freedom to a couple.. i dont know if the fact is true or not.. but thats what i know and what i've heard..hehe.. actually i dont really have an idea to write any entry.. but i'm still feeling like i must type something..haha.. lately i've seen many of my college mate has created their own blog and they post it in facebook.. this is a good thing to see.. great job guys!! nowadays there's a plenty place or site or medium over the net we can throw our opinion or sharing the story with others instead of using FB alone.. i also start my blog after i saw my friends has their own blog.. it makes me feel like i must have one and i wanna do something about it.. then, here i am with my blog and blogging for whatever i want to say..hehe :D

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